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VW Golf 6 Variant - known defects / sources of error / purchase advice
In a recent VW Golf you can usually not make so much wrong. The vehicles are of a good quality and so intuitive to use, that some operating instructions even after tens of years could still be sold as new. But which VW Golf should you buy? How about a VW Golf 6 Variant for just under 9,000 euros?

The first look should go into the purse

How much budget is available to me? And what do I need? Limousine or estate car - also called Variant at the VW Golf. What luxury do you want to do without? Electric windows? Air conditioner? Do I need all-wheel drive?

Now it is really only two questions to clarify: gasoline or diesel? And do I buy privately or from the dealer? If the conditions are clear, the search on the net can start and you can quickly find listings like this one:

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses Buyer's Guide error sources-4
"Year built 01/2011 - 1.6 TDI 105 hp - 115,000 km - 9,200 Euro - 5 speed manual transmission - 8 times frosted - one year used car warranty."

We are talking about the VW Golf 6 Variant, not just a visual look at a facelift from the VW Golf 5. The 1.6 TDI from the year 2011 is already the Blue-Motion Diesel, the more fuel-efficient diesel with start-stop automatic.

It is mainly in the 2nd and 3rd gear and the 5th gear is extremely long, so you can save fuel. Speed ​​190 km / h is possible on the highway, but then it becomes a bit thirstier.

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses buying advice-errors-10
There are, of course, other engines as well: the 1.4-liter vacuum cleaner with 80 hp; who would like to have some more draft, should choose the 1.4 liter TSI (turbo petrol). Here are 122 horse farms and the engine I would recommend to my best friend if he does not want to have a diesel.

Because we have already made the most sensible choice with the 105 hp 1.6 liter TDI. If you want, you can move the Golf 6 Variant with a consumption of 5-6 liters.

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses buying advice-errors-18
The starter motors are coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the stronger engines (2.0 TDI, ...) are equipped with the 6-speed manual gearbox. The DSG has also been offered as an option.

This is an automated 6-speed or 7-speed manual gearbox with 2 clutches, therefore it is also called double-clutch transmissions or direct-shift transmissions. A control unit takes over the gearshifting process and the two clutches enable shifting without a tractive force interruption, and a shifting pitch is also eliminated more can be see at Nirro/.

Since the automatic almost always selects the optimum speed, one drives with a DSG more sparingly in case of defensive driving.

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses buying advice-errors-21
Used car buyers are also allowed to enjoy something, because the air conditioning was already in the Trendline Edition series. If you want something more, look for the Comfortline Edition and if necessary, look for the options you would like. Our variant here in winter still on steel rims, surely there are also first-time buyers, which in the winter nice alus have allowed.

Known deficiencies

Even if the VW Golf "actually" has a white vest, there are typical weaknesses / deficiencies in a VW Golf 6, which I would not want to conceal. For the reason I recommend - especially since the vehicles are still quite expensive - the cars at a dealer with used car warranty to buy, because:

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses Buyer's Guide error sources-8
The TSI petrol engines, ie the petrol engines with turbocharging have problems with the valve control, or rather the chain tensioner, the control chain and the adjuster of the camshaft. The problem is well-known and many vehicles were repaired accordingly, or were already with the VW service. Anyone who decides for a petrol engine should then determine whether the sources of the fault have already been eliminated.

We have here a vehicle with manual transmission, of course, there are also models with the DSG - that is, the dual clutch transmission - here one should check during the test drive whether the gears are changed properly. Does the engine make rattle sounds? Then fingers away and this applies, of course, also for vehicles, the engine control light already burns.

During the test drive, you should warm the vehicle, check the function of the servo steering and the brakes, the vehicle runs normally, pulls nothing to the right or left (even during the braking process), does everything work? Does the air conditioner work? What about the window lifters?

Everything technically installed, one should check at the test drive and this also applies to the radio, the instrument lighting, the heating or the lighting equipment.

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses buying advice-errors-17
Normally it means that a too high offer pushes the price. This is so in almost all areas and especially with almost all vehicle types. Not so with the golf, the resale price is and remains high. This is certainly also due to the good quality and rejoices the current owners, but also the future buyers, because they now buy a value-stable vehicle.

You have to pay attention nevertheless, because there is also unfortunately the VW Golf the possibility to manipulate the Tachostand and of course a vehicle with only "70,000 km" is better to sell than a model with 170,000 km on the clock.

When buying, you should let the check-book show up and also pay attention to telltale signals: worn-out pedals, worn shackles, worn seats, carpets worn? This speaks for a high running performance! If the check-book is not available, then you should rather keep distance, because how else should one know whether the maintenance was carried out regularly?

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses buying advice-errors-20
The history of the VW Golf Variant is by no means so old, which began with the VW Golf III and already the first sold itself like sliced ​​bread, also the VW Golf IV convinced as a variant. The 505-liter luggage compartment can be used up to a width of 1.29 and if the backrests are covered, 1,550 liters are available and 1.70 m long objects can be accommodated.

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses buying advice-errors-15
During the test drive one should also be convinced, whether the rear flap damper still work, how does it look with the suspension comfort? Are the shock absorbers still correct or was the VW Golf 6 Variant also used for pulling heavy trailers?

Volkswagen VW Golf 6 Variant weaknesses Buyer's Guide Error source 6
At prices around the 10,000 euros I recommend driving the vehicle to the quick test, almost a TÜV examination "light", which can be done with many officially recognized experts. This costs a couple of euros, but you rather invest, than to stay later on the expensive costs.

The VW Golf 6 Variant 1.6 TDI was then available from 23,100 euros, now it costs less than half after just under 4 years, which also applies to the competitors, of which I would recommend the Skoda Octavia Combi.

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