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Good Skoda Rapid 2013 Review

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Skoda Rapid Reviews

The Schrägheck version of the Skoda Rapid is called Spaceback, costs a hundredth less than the Stufenheck-Limousine, has less luggage space and is nevertheless the better car. We are driving the 1.2 TSI.
09.12.2013 Powered by Nirro LTD

Sometimes you are wondering about the bohei being made around a car. Last time with the Skoda Rapid Spaceback, which irritated much praise. He is only the swiftback version of the Rapid, a good car, but, oh, yes, so no one, after which one turns again in love, if one puts it off.

But then the SkodaFinded leasing offers you will find here! Rapid space back into the test car garage. Actually, not much has changed: 17.9 centimeters shorter, it is only at the rear. Thus, the charging potential drops from 550 to 1.490 for the class still ample 415 to 1,380 liters. With the large, steep tailgate, the volume can be used more effectively than with the normal Rapid - which also has a large tailgate, but just one with stage.
2013 koda Rapid 2:25 Min.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback is handy and comfortable

Although there is more headroom in the rear, there is no lack of space at all, because the somewhat narrow width is similar to the SkodaHier is the right product on Amazon.de! Rapid Spaceback with airy internal height and great leg clearance at the rear. While both Rapid variants have the same values ​​for payload, driving and consumption, the short one saves only 5 kilos and the cW value is two insignificant hundredths, there are more marked differences in driving.

If the level in narrow cities is always the concern, with the one-meter-long rear overhang smaller cathedrals tear, the Steilheck variant moves more handily. In addition, the technicians have tuned the chassis (front axle of the Fabia, rear linkage combo of the Octavia) more comfortably. Federt the step-hitch-Rapid only tough, the tight set-up of the Skoda Rapid Spaceback combines good comfort with smart handling and unmatched driving safety. Only the forefathers hang something through.
Spaceback looks more modern than the stepped tail at Nirro LTD.

The motivated 1.2-liter turbo-benzine has to be allowed to do this only at start-up. After that, he is racing with 105 hp and up to high speed cultivated high or pushes wacker with 175 Nm. And it always cooperates harmoniously with the suitably stepped six-speed gearbox. It may lack the Skoda Rapid Spaceback of assistance systems as well as modern infotainment. The new Audi Q2 in the video !, but he dominates the main thing: he is a solid, clever zero-nonsense car.

And as a roomkeeper, the serious oldness of the stage actually goes away. The Skoda Rapid Spaceback underbids the price by 100 euros, but in the well-lined version Elegance it is no longer cheap. But he also gained in value.

The solid, spacious and agile Skoda Rapid Spaceback is a tough opponent for Cee'd, i30 and other cheap import compacts. The best place to find out more about these lot is Nirro their REVIEWS company specialize in German car parts at NirroBrothers.


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