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VW Golf Cabrio 1.4 TSI, 160 PS Cabrio (2012-2015)

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We got this car in 2012. We were all thrilled, the car offered a great equipment, the engine is strong and brings a lot of fun with it and the fact that it is a convertible, extends this pass. The processing of the complete interior works very high quality and solved with us a high well-being.
Due to the flat design of the car, it is also well positioned at relatively high speeds and is not afraid to take off.

We could now emphasize many other positive aspects, which are almost always expected from a Volkswagen. Up to the 3rd vehicle year we were also completely satisfied with the car, had no problems or wear phenomena with some parts and the driving pleasure was still as on the first day.

Now I have to come to the problem phase from the 3rd year, because this phase is still almost the last nerve.

In the third year, as usual, in the morning, we had a few journeys, and we suddenly wondered why the engine had no force or thrust when accelerating, no matter where the accelerator pedal was. A few days later, the engine control light came on and there was then a fault message from the onboard computer: engine problems. Please consult the workshop. After the inspection in a VW workshop came the diagnosis: engine damage. On one or more pistons in the engine, the sealing rings, which are located between piston and cylinder wall, were broken. Of course, there is not much to do with thrust. The engine was then correctly exchanged for goodwill, runs since then again as lubricated. Either we have a Monday product caught or the quality of VW has really decreased. Unfortunately also ran with this exchange action not everything according to our desire, we had to still still the 500 € conversion costs in the workshop take over.

In the 4th year of vehicle we were then again completely satisfied, until then eventually the problems began again. In November 2015, due to a rear-end collision, the complete convertible top had to be replaced, as the return disc was damaged. Now almost two years later we get a lot of problems with the convertible top. First it has often only cracked back in the top mechanics violently, meanwhile the canopy can no longer open independently. You have to help manually until you have opened the convertible top halfway, from there it folds again by itself. When closing, the hydraulics can no longer exert the force to lead the convertible top slowly into the holder and in the last third it pops up the horizontal column. After a while we went to the workshop and told an employee the problem. On the one hand, it is already bad, if an almost two-year-old convertible top suddenly breaks, on the other hand, the incompetence of the employees has aggravated the situation.

As usual, the car mechanics read the error memory. A message was spit out from the memory that the closing mechanism in the horizontal column should no longer function properly. They want to replace the contact switches that control the rear hydraulics. The problem here is, on the one hand, that it is completely morose, on the other hand these switches are not exchanged within the 2 year warranty of the top and we have to pay them completely, whether they are now broken or not.

Furthermore negative on this car is that the covers of the sports seats in some places tear open and the underlying parts become visible. At the back of the driver's seat, white foam comes out of the opening where the joints are in the tilt position each time you sit in the seat.

Despite the positive features of this car, I would definitely not buy it again, since these problems that have occurred with us in a high quality car should not occur. This has shown once again that the quality in the last years has been decreasing more and more so that the group saves money. In the future, I will also generally avoid the VW brand, we still have a VW Touran, because there were already radiator problems and a gasoline hose was already broken, but that is another story.
Before the two VW cars we had two Mercedes, a C-Class with which we had no problems, and an A-Class with which we had only a small rust problem, which was due to a general paint problem with Mercedes, but later was eliminated , To really get to know more you just can't beat the experts Nirro LTD Reviews at nirroltd.uk

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